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Welcome to the

Kathy Kallick Band

“Jaw-dropping awesome!!!” is how the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival describes the KKB. We blush — and we look forward to proving them right at every show and with every spin!

NEW VIDEOS, recorded live at Empty Sea, Seattle on April 1 (no fooling’), 2017:

I’m Not Your Honey Baby Now

Longest Day Of the Year 

Tear Stained Letter


Thanks to all the radio folks who’ve made Foxhounds (the album) and/or “Foxhounds” (the single) part of their 2016 “Best Of” lists!

And thanks to those DJs reporting to the National Bluegrass Survey (Bluegrass Unlimited charts) for putting “Foxhounds” in the 2016 Top Ten!

Thanks also to those DJs reporting to the Roots Music Report Contemporary Bluegrass Chart for making Foxhounds #1(!!!!) in 2016!




We are thrilled and honored!

Veteran West Coast roots singer/guitarist Kathy Kallick makes bluegrass records that at their best — and decades into it she makes nothing less — are exciting propositions. She’s as gripping a vocalist as anybody on the scene, she has a superior band, and she writes and chooses superb material. If you ask for more than that, may the universe forgive you. One hears what makes Kallick’s approach different from that of many current acts: her grounding not only in traditional ‘grass but in older mountain music. The Kathy Kallick Band knows those styles and incorporates them into its own sound.
Jerome Clark, Rambles


Paul Freeman has expanded his interview with Kathy and article about the band and the album, published on Oct. 20, 2016 in the San Jose Mercury News. Read it here or see the transcript in the NEWS & REVIEWS section.

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