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“A profound songwriter and expressive singer, San Franciscan Kathy Kallick is a mountain gal at heart. Her singing has always been earthy and passionate. As a songwriter, she knows how to pen beautiful impressionistic pieces with memorable contemporary messages. A troubadour and exquisite storyteller, (her) arrangements are tightly crafted, with each song given its own non-formulaic treatment.” —Joe Ross, Bluegrass Now

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After some great music camps, the Good Ol’ Persons reunion, and other summer fun, the Kathy Kallick Band is putting the finishing touches on a new album. The title track, “Foxhounds,” is based on one of Kathy’s memorable experiences with Bill Monroe — and inspired this silly photo taken by Anne Hamersky.

The new album is Kathy’s 20th, the KKB’s 5th, and the first with Cary Black. Here’s an idea of what to expect ...

Foxhounds (Kathy Kallick)
In the early 1980s, Kathy had the chance to sit on Bill Monroe's porch with him and listen to his foxhounds running at night. It was not about the foxes, but the sound of the foxhounds gave him great joy.
So Dang Lonesome (Kathy Kallick & Cary Black)
It's a thrill for us to have Cary Black in the KKB and was a blast to collaborate on this song. Cary really puts a hurtin' on the lonesome.
I'm Not Your Honey Baby Now (Kathy Kallick)
A contemporary love song set in an old time world.
I'll Forgive You (from Mac Martin)
Kathy learned this song singing with Mac Martin. He learned it singing with the Lilly Brothers. That was a long time ago and nobody knows who wrote it. Guess it's "passed down.”
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (trad.)
Flatt and Scruggs played this in the key of F, but moving it to Bb makes it interesting and fun on the dobro. Wherever, gotta love that circle of 5ths!
Snowflakes (Kathy Kallick)
"...some people have looked at snowflakes through a microscope and claimed they found two that look alike. But there's a lot of things a microscope—a good optical microscope—can't see, and the chances that at the molecular level they will be the same are pretty much nil.” www.nationalgeographic.com
Sally Ann (Allison Fisher)
A beauty from Allison Fisher, who wrote some wonderful classic bluegrass songs.
Longest Day Of The Year (Kathy Kallick)
Much of this is based on an actual day Kathy spent in Alaska on the Summer Solstice. The rest is Booth family tradition.
Roscoe (trad.)
A square dance tune that made Tom Size wanna get up and dance!
Tear-Stained Letter (Richard Thompson)
Yeah, not your classic bluegrass number …
My Montana Home (Kathy Kallick)
Kathy's love letter to the beauty of the state. Thanks, Ruby Jewel!
Banjo Pickin' Girl (Lily Mae Ledford)
Thanks to Jack Tuttle for the Illinois verse. It's inspired the band to make up other new verses on the spot in certain locations. Awww, we left out wearing a red bandana in Montana!  Or, was that Indiana ...?
Kentucky Mandolin (Bill Monroe)
We were part of some birthday tributes to Bill Monroe in 2011. We loved diving into all those great songs, and this one stayed with us.
In Texas (Kathy Kallick & Riley Thompson) 
Some of this is Riley's actual story from her sojourn in Texas.

Check the SCHEDULE page for the CD Release Celebrations which have been scheduled. NOTE: Annie Staninec is also releasing her first “solo” album, so these shows will be double celebratory!



















Thanks for your support & the KKB hopes to see you soon!

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