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Welcome to the

Kathy Kallick Band

“Jaw-dropping awesome!!!” is how the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival describes the KKB. The band looks forward to proving them right at every show and with every spin!

The Kathy Kallick Band is based along the west coast, from the San Francisco Bay Area to Anchorage, but their powerful mixture of original and classic music, mirroring their distinctive combination of traditional and contemporary sensibilities, has great appeal everywhere.

Kathy Kallick’s exceptional career includes winning a Grammy and two IBMA Awards, receiving a Lifetime Membership from the California Bluegrass Association, co-founding the internationally-acclaimed Good Ol’ Persons, and collaborating with the country’s top acoustic musicians – including her mighty band: Annie Staninec (fiddle), Greg Booth (dobro, banjo), Tom Bekeny (mandolin), and Cary Black (acoustic bass).

Their new release — Horrible World — promises to follow in the tradition of the previous five Kathy Kallick Band albums; all received widespread critical acclaim, and all spent a year in the upper echelons of the national charts. This one contains a half-dozen new Kathy compositions, an original instrumental from KKB member Tom Bekeny, distinctive covers of numbers learned from Bill Monroe, the Carter Family, and Bob Wills, plus a couple of unique interpretations of traditional songs.



Thanks to John Lawless and Richard Thompson for providing the debut of “Ride Away” via BLUEGRASS TODAY

Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! Excerpts below, full review via links.

“Kathy Kallick, with her big engaging voice and compelling musical style, has been a keystone of the West Coast bluegrass scene for decades. On her latest CD, the ironically titled Horrible World, Kallick takes an inward turn, looking at bluegrass through a West Coast-influenced lens. Backed by Annie Staninec (fiddle), Greg Booth (resonator guitar and banjo), Tom Bekeny (mandolin), and Cary Black (acoustic bass), her punchy rhythm guitar, sure-handed songwriting, and stellar contralto voice create a rich, deeply engaging sound that should appeal to everyone from hardcore fans of Monroe-style bluegrass and the modal mountain melodies of mentors Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard to fans of more contemporary acoustic and urban folk styles … Horrible World is classic West Coast bluegrass, filled to the brim with driving rhythm, timeless bluegrass instrumental stylings, and a sense of freedom and exploration [and] Kallick’s deeply soulful voice and magnificent delivery shows she’s one of the greatest bluegrass vocalists of her generation or any other.”     
– David J. McCarty, Bluegrass Unlimited

“As a founding member of Good Ol’ Persons, Kathy Kallick pioneered a place for women in bluegrass. Some 20 albums and several major awards later, the East Bay singer-songwriter/guitarist approaches her music with the same irrepressible enthusiasm. Horrible World’s 13 songs survey the range of American vernacular music, (and) you’ll marvel at the individual virtuosity, group cohesiveness, and several beautifully sung Kallick originals that express both timely pessimism and tireless hope.”
– Derk Richardson, Oakland
“What becomes a legend most? If that legend in question happens to be Kathy Kallick, suffice it to say it’s a body of work that has no equal in the modern bluegrass realms and shows no sign of stopping. These days, with a talented group of colleagues – each boasting an impressive resume all their own – she’s found the ideal symmetry. On the group’s new album, melody and musicianship are given equal prominence, and in the baker’s dozen offered here, there’s not a single selection that doesn’t stand out all on its own. To her credit, Kallick doesn’t attempt to dominate the proceedings. The Kathy Kallick Band is just that – a band; Kallick’s vocals and guitar steer the proceedings, but it’s apparent this is a group effort in every regard. The result – Horrible World – is clearly really anything other than what the title implies.”
– Lee Zimmerman, Bluegrass Today“There’s nothing this quintet can’t do … humor and contemplation and some political references [with] an impressive amount of finely-played musical horsepower, led by Kallick’s versatile vocals.”
– Rich Warren, “Midnight Special” (WFMT) Favorites of 2018
“One of the most enjoyable bluegrass albums I’ve heard all year, a refreshing and dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary bluegrass sensibilities. We should welcome Kathy’s views, ideas, and solutions (and her surprisingly cheery good-humour), and embrace the spirit of hope in which her songs are written. The sound is most pleasing to the ear, empowering and uplifting in the best tradition of bluegrass. Throughout, the sense of ensemble is enviably strong, the musicianship brilliant without needing to grandstand or resort to easy clichés or moves to prove its point; everything in its rightful place and a constant delight to the ears and feet and mind.”
– David Kidman, Fatea (U.K.)
“Kathy Kallick’s voice is always warm and inviting, even when singing songs with the coldest of themes. While she can and does perform in a range of situations, never is she so strong than when fronting a vibrant, driving bluegrass band, and, over the past many years, has been releasing complex and engaging albums with her band. Horrible World continues the Kathy Kallick Band’s streak of excellence … [This] is one of the strongest, most consistent and satisfying bluegrass bands going. That they never receive their due from the IBMA voting membership come awards time is a shame. An album like Horrible World could change that, should folks in positions of influence ever bleeding notice.”
– Donald Teplyske, Fever Coulee Bluegrass / Country Standard Time

“Put a Kathy Kallick Band album on, and you know you’re in for songs, arrangements, and performances at the highest level. And you will never have your intelligence insulted. As the title implies, Horrible World carries a strong element of social commentary directed at this particularly unsettled, chaotic moment in our national journey, but the criticism is laced with hope and humor, the commentary subtext as much as text … Amid all the superior music and musicianship, “Cotton Eyed Joe” is the standout, brilliantly reinvented … Just about everything I love about American folk music is in that song. Kallick and companions lay down an adaptation for the ages.”
– Jerome Clark, Rambles

We blush!

Additional thanks to some much-admired musicians who ofter their perspective …
“The Kathy Kallick Band’s presentation of her new album Horrible World is anything but horrible. On the contrary, it is a collection of songs and instrumentals, many written by Kathy herself that speak of learning to deal with trouble and lost hope and dark skies, of shedding bitterness and finding strength and humor enough to carry on with a lingering sweet taste for life and loved ones. This album contains thoughtful arrangements played with skill and infectious energy. The Kathy Kallick Band shows once again why they are a force to be reckoned with and a mainstay in country string band styles. Nothing horrible about it.”
Mike Compton
“I fell in love with Kathy’s music as a kid listening to her children’s album. She has been a hero and mentor to me for as long as I can remember. On Horrible World, her wisdom, humor, kindness, and deep soul come through in her voice as well as the songs. Kathy’s voice is rich with tradition but completely her own. Her songs are witty, loving, and heartbreaking all at once. And then there’s the hot picking! For longtime fans, or anyone just starting to dig into Kathy’s expansive catalog of classic bluegrass and folk albums, Horrible World is a must listen!”
Molly Tuttle
“A too-often underappreciated and underrated hero of bluegrass’ middle generations once again proves her relevance in this particular musical — and global — moment.”
Justin Hiltner
“Kathy Kallick is one of the pillars that secures the foundation of Americana music! This gathering of songs represents life from many demographics and musical stylings. Musicianship here is some of the best accompianment you will hear; all hearts and minds were synched, and Kathy’s voice is at its best! Tone and emotion overflow.”
Dale Ann Bradley
“I’ve always believed that Bluegrass music is, first and foremost, country music. Over the years it has been influenced by blues, folk, hillbilly, and old school country. The Kathy Kallick Band has wonderfully and skillfully put them together in this recording. It’s not too often that a band can put their hands around all that and still be true to their own roots, but Kathy and her wonderful ensemble make it all happen with top-notch musicianship, groove, and soul. I like all the songs. This will be in my car stereo for a long time — right next to all my blues, folk, hillbilly, and old school country records. The KKB is a treasure.”
Pat Enright
“Kathy Kallick is one of bluegrass music’s treasures. Her new recording has traditional elements that remind us of our bluegrass roots, while remaining relevant and timely in today’s world, both musically and socially.”
Kristin Scott-Benson
“The Kathy Kallick Band is one of the best bluegrass bands in business today. They have played together for years, and it sounds that way: Well-jelled. They have all the elements I like: strong grasp of tradition blended with creativity that sparks, personalizes, and deepens their music. Kathy’s singing and interesting vision, everyone’s playing and sensitivity to the whole — it adds up to another satisfying recording by this fine band.”
Pete Wernick
“The Kathy Kallick Band’s music is always brimming with inspiration, and their newest album, Horrible World, is no exception. This beautiful collection of songs shows off their equally impressive singing, writing, and instrumental abilities — and leaves no doubt that they are one of the top bluegrass acts today.”
Bronwyn Keith‐Hynes
“Kathy Kallick’s music serves not only as a symbol of bluegrass in California but as an important voice in the lineage of the bluegrass genre that reminds us that tradition and respect work best when combined with versatility and creativity. Horrible World only further strengthens Kathy’s extensive catalog which consistently proves her abilities as a singer, a songwriter, a bandleader, and an artist. As someone who leans in and lets their voice be heard, her example is one to be aspired to.”
Tristan Scroggins
“Great songwriting and playing from this stellar group! Kathy and company are delivering the goods with a great mix of originals and covers. Acoustic roots music at its best!”
Rob Ickes

Finally, thanks to more than 200 DJs who have spun tracks from Horrible World.  There might well be others … thanks for letting us know!
Dan Alloway: Folk Fury – KTEP, El Paso, TX
Mike Alzo: The Folk Show – WSLU, Canton, NY
Gaye Auxier: T.G.I.Folk – WDBX, Carbondale, IL
Jesse Ballew: Jambalaya – WJFF, Jeffersonville, NY
Tom Banyai: Bluegrass Junction – WICN, Worcester, MA
Ken Batista: An American Sampler – WYEP, Pittsburgh, PA
Cindy Baucom: Knee Deep In Bluegrass, syndicated + Bluegrass Country
Ray Baumler: A Variety Of Folk – WRUR, Rochester & WITH, Ithaca, NY
Nick Barr: Bluegrass Time, WAMC, Albany, NY
Johnny Bazzano: Your Average Abalone – KRCB, Santa Rosa, CA
Sarah Bellum: That’s Not Bluegrass! – KZSU, Stanford, CA
Bruce Bergethon: Acousticity – WGLT, Normal, IL
Arthur Berman: Pacific Pickin’ – CiTR, Vancuver, BC
Mike Biggins: Sunday Folks – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
David Blakney: Daybreak In Dixie – CJAM, Windsor, ON
Brother Al Bourgoin: Morning Maine – WERU, Blue Hill, ME
Andrea Bradstreet: Rocky Mountain Breakdown – KFRC, Ft., Collins, CO
Ted Branson: Strictly Bluegrass – KOOP, Austin TX
Steve Brockway: The Folk Show – KRFC, Fort Collins, CO
Bob Brown: American Crossroads – WNMC, Traverse City, MI
*Bob Brown & others: Folk Shows – WNMC, Traverse City, MI
Dennis Brunnenmeyer: County Line – KVMR, Nevada City CA
Randy Burl: Bluegrass Saturday – WXPR, Rhinelander, WI
Taylor Caffery: Hootenanny Power, WRKF, Baton Rouge, LA
Dan Carter: American Pastimes – KZFR, Chico, CA
Ken Cartwright: Ken Till Ten – KYAC, Mill City, OR
Jon Colcord: Music For the Mountain, Out Of the Woods – syndicated
Joe Colvin: Down Home Bluegrass – WYSO, Yellow Springs, OH
Gail Coppinger: Shorty’s Bunkhouse – KWMR, Pt. Reyes, CA
Cousin Kate Walker: Sunday Morning Country – WZBC, Chestnut Hill, MA
Cynthia: NoCo Flow – KRFC, Fort Collins, CO
Dangerous Dan: Bushwackers Breakfast Club – KZSC, Santa Cruz, CA
Darwin Davidson: Bronzewound – WERU, East Orland, ME
Lee Michael Dempsey: The Lee Michael Dempsey Show – Bluegrass Country
Tom Diamant: Panhandle Country – KPFA, Berkeley, + KFCF, Fresno, CA
DJ Flash: American Anecdotes – KAOS, Olympia, WA
DJMK: Breakfast Special – KAOS, Olympia, WA
Doug: Wakeman and the Baker – KDUR, Durango, CO
Doug C: American Crossroads – WNMC, Traverse City, MI
Stephanie & Patrick Dressen: Rezbilly Breakdown – KDUR, Durango, CO
Keith Dudding: Down Yonder – KDXH, St. Louis, MO
Edgar Duguay: The Bluegrass Hour – CHRQ, Listuguj, Quebec
Early Riser: Sunrise Serenade – KAFM, Grand Junction, CO
Steve Edge: Edge On Folk – CiTR, Vancouver, BC
Ray Edlund: Pig in A Pen – KPFA, Berkeley, & KFCF, Fresno, CA
Brad Edmondson: Salt Creek Show – WVBR, Ithaca, NY
Amanda Eichstaedt: Bakersfield & Beyond, Overnight Music – KWMR, Pt. Reyes, CA
Kevin Elliott: From the Joshua Tree Inn – WEFT, Champaign, IL
Abde Elshafei: Bluegrass Ramble – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Jeff Emery: Backroads – KZSC, Santa Cruz, CA
Colin Fielding: Folk n Roots – Inner North East Community Radio (3INR), Victoria, Australia
Jim Fisher: Down Home – WGCS, Goshen, IN
Stu Fleischhaker: The Roots Of Country – WBCQ, Monticello, ME
Fred Frawley: Hardly Strictly – WMPG, Portland, ME
Orin Friesen: Bluegrass from the Rockin’ Banjo Ranch – KFDI, Wichita, KS
Tim Frye: Mountain Mid Day – WPAQ, Mt. Airy, NC
Tom Funk: Green Chile Revival & Medicine Show – KGLP, Gallup, NM
Jamie Gans: Rural Routes – WFHB, Bloomington, IN
Jean Geiger: Folksounds – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Carl Goldstein: Fire on the Mountain – WVUD, Newark, DE
Pete Goodall: Bluegrass Ramble – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Gerry Goodfriend: Folk Directions – CKUT, Montreal, QC
Richard Gordon: Whiskey Before Breakfast – WRCT, Pittsburgh, PA
Joe Greene: Goin’ Across the Mountain – WNCW, Spindale, NC
Veta Gumber: Bluegrass and Beyond – KAFM, Grand Junction, CO
Guy in the Sky: Mountain Bound – KAFM, Grand Junction, CO
John Gwinner: FAT Sunday – KCSS, Turlock, CA
Charlie Hansen: Bluegrass Island – CFCY, Charlottetown, PEI
Susan Forbes Hansen: Watch This Space, Caterwaul – WWUH, West Hartford CT
Susan Forbes Hansen: Sunday Night Folk Festival – WHUS, Storrs, CT
Eric Hardee: Folksounds – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Dave Hardy: Positively Charged Radio, syndicated
Paul Hartman: Detour – WTMD, Towson, MD
Pete Hart: D-28+5 – WOUB, Athens, OH
Trudy Heffernan: Banjo Signal – KUAC, Fairbanks, AK
Justin Helmer: Frets – KVSC, St. Cloud, MN
Gary Henderson: More Good Gospel – Bell Buckle Radio, syndicated
Terry Herd: Into the Blue – Bluegrass Radio Network, syndicated
Dick Hermans: New Harmony – WKZE, Salisbury, CT
Bob Heyer: Music In the Air – WWOV, Wheeling, WV
Friedrich Hog: Americana – Radio free FM, Ulm, Germany
Sam Holmstock: Surrender To the Airwaves – WKKL, Barnstable, MA
Frank Hoppe: Bluegrass, Etc. – Bluegrass Country, syndicated
Ginger Hopper: Our Saturday Tradition – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Lisa Kay Howard: The Old Home Place – Bell Buckle Radio, syndicated
Richard Howard: Amarillo Highway – KZMU, Moab, UT
Larry Hoyt: Common Threads – WAER, Syracuse, NY
Craig Huegel: The Waking Hours – WMNF, Tampa, FL
Diane Hunt: Folk Espresso – KBOO, Portland, OR
Don Jacobson: Movin’ On – KBOO, Portland, OR
**Rik James: Americana Backroads – KGLT, Bozeman, MT
Rusty James: The Newgrass Show – WDRT, Viroqua, WI
Johnny You Can Call Me Vern: Morning Maine – WERU, Blue Hill, ME
Wayne Johnson: Swing & Country – KBOO, Portland, OR
Eric Jones: Grass is Greener – KZMU, Moab, UT
Chris Jong: Backroads – KZSC, Santa Cruz, CA
Harlon Joye: Fox’s Minstrel Show – WRFG, Atlanta, GA
Michael Kane: Off the Beaten Path – WBRS, Waltham, MA
Annette Kastner: Back Up and Push – WTJU. Charlottesville, VA
Mike Kear: Music From Foggy Hollow – Pacific Bluegrass Network (Australia) + Bluegrass Country
Tom Keeney: Bluegrass Ramble – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Larry Kelp: Sing Out! – KPFA, Berkeley + KFCF, Fresno, CA
Tim Kemper: 2 Penny Opera – KZFR, Chico, CA
Sue Kessell: The Folk Show – WNUR, Evanston, IL
Al Kniola: The Back Porch – WVPE, South Bend, IN
Chris Kocher: The Signal – WHRW, Binghamton, NY
Brad Kolodner: Old Time Jam – Bluegrass Country, syndicated
Greg Krush: NoCo Flow, KRFC, Fort Collins, CO
Lilli Kuzma: Folk Festival – WDCB, Chicago, IL
Jonathan Lay: Rise When the Rooster Crows – KBOO, Portland, OR
Jonathan Lay: Folk Espresso – KBOO, Portland, OR
Larry Lewin: Our Saturday Tradition – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Kurt Liebezeit: Lark in the Morning – KBOO, Portland, OR
Norris Long: Bluegrass Reflections – Allegheny Mountain Radio, WV & VA
Jackie Loken: Moonlight Trail – KKUP, Cupertino, CA
John Lupton: Rural Free Delivery – WVUD, Newark, DE
Tim Lynch: Dead To the World – KPFA, Berkeley + KFCF, Fresno, CA
Sue Maijala: Women In Music – WTIP, Grand Marais, MN
Bill Malone: Back to the Country – WORT, Madison, WI
Chuck Markowitz: Saturday Morning Coffeehouse, WERU, East Orland, ME
Jim Marino: Smokin’ Bluegrass – CFMU – Hamilton, ON
Artie Martello: Power Folk – Blues and Roots Radio, syndicated
Janet Martin: Orange Blossom Special – KBUT, Crested Butte, CO
Norm Mast: The Back Porch – WVPE, Elkhart, IN
John Mazza: The Folk Show – WNHU, West Haven, CT
Sandy McDonald: Sunday Folks – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Chris McGill: Simpatico – WSPN, Saratoga Springs, NY
Rob McGregor: In the Pines – CFRO, Vancouver, BC
Susie McLerie: Shady Grove, KMUN, Astoria, OR
Kate McNally: New Hampshire Public Radio Folk Show
Bob McWilliams: Trail Mix – Kansas Public Radio, Lawrence, KS
Buddy Merriman: Blue Grass Time – WUSB, Stony Brook, NY
Mark Michaelis: Acoustic Harmony – WGDR/WGDH, Plainfield/Hardwick, VT
Jerry Mills: Rocky Mountain Bluegrass – KRAN, Warren AFB, WY
Jerry Mills: Pickers Choice – KSKE, Vail, CO
Will Minor: Foggy Ridge Music – KWMR, Pt. Reyes, CA
Bob Mitchell: Best of Bluegrass – WFPK & WCHQ, Louisville, KY
Miz Pearl: Miles of Bluegrass – KRVM, Eugene, OR
Harry Moore: Seldom Heard Music, KSMU/KSMS/KSMW – Springfield/Branson, MO
Gary Mortenson: Strictly Bluegrass – KOOP, Austin, TX
***Ken Nagelberg: It’s For Folks – WHYR, Baton Rouge, LA
Marc Nassar: Mash Up – KMUX, Salem, OR
Paul Norton & Sue Malcolm – In the Pines, CFRO, Vancouver, BC
Philip Nusbaum: Bluegrass Saturday Morning – KBEM, Minneapolis, MN
Amy Orlomoski: Bluegrass Café – WHUS, Storrs, CT
Mitch and Robyn Park: Folk on Sunday, Radio Kidnappers, Hastings, New Zealand
Mitch and Robyn Park: Kidnappers Ceilidh, Radio Kidnappers, Hastings, New Zealand
Ramblin’ Robert Paslay: Miles of Bluegrass – KRVM, Eugene, OR
John Patterson: The Song Parlor – syndicated, Burlington, VT
Frank Pearsall: Bluegrass Review – WSQL, Brevard, NC
Paul Peck: American Anecdotes – KAOS, Olympia, WA
Chris Powers: Mud Acres – WORT, Madison, WI
Greg Priddy: The I, The IV, and The V – WJCU, Cleveland, OH
Professor Kozmo: Under the Needle – KEXP, Seattle, WA
Joltin Joe Pszonek: Radio Nowhere – WMSC, Montclair, NJ + Blues and Roots Radio
Karen Rakos: It’s All Folk – KEUL, Girdwood, AK
Randall: Kitchen Sink – KYAC, Mill City, OR
Raven: Radio Insomnia – KWMR, Pt. Reyes, CA
Mike Regenstreif: Saturday Morning – CKCU, Ottawa, ON
Gwendolyn Reischman: In the Pines, CFRO, Vancouver, BC
Bill Revill: Acoustic Blender – WESU, Middletown, CT
Wayne Rice: Bluegrass Special – KSON, San Diego, CA
Jim Rogers: The Bluegrass Ramble – WIUP, Indiana, PA
Paul Rolland: Junkyard Twang – KAFM, Grand Junction, CO
Ruby Slippers: Click Your Heels Together – KVMR, Nevada City, CA
Trevor Ruffell: Best of Bluegrass – RADIO KIDNAPPERS, Hastings, New Zealand
John Rumsey: Four Strong Winds – KVMR, Nevada City, CA
Mike Russell: Bluegrass Monday – KKUP, Cupertino, CA
Bob Sala: Uncorked – KRSH, Santa Rosa, CA
Richard Schwartz aka Professor Purple: Amarillo Highway – KZMU, Moab, UT
David Sears: Folk Show – WBGU, Bowling Green, OH
Lucy Smith: American Pastimes – KZFR, Chico, CA
Valerie Smith: Blame It On Bluegrass, Choice Cuts – Bell Buckle Radio, syndicated
Woody Snyder: Roots – WVUD, Newark, DE
Barb Solow: NoCo Flow – KFRC, Ft. Collins, CO
Steve Soucy: Saturday Morning Coffeehouse – WERU, East Orland, ME
Spinnin’ Lynn: Wednesday Morning Folk – KMUN, Astoria, OR
Dick Spottswood: The Dick Spottswood Show – Bluegrass Country
Michael Stock: Folk & Acoustic Music – WLRN, Miami, FL
Suzie: Bluegrass and Beyond, KAFM, Grand Junction, CO
Brenda Tacik: Deeper Well, CJTR, Regina, Saskatchewan
Chris Teskey: The Chris Tesky Show – Bluegrass Country
Peter Thompson: Bluegrass Signal, KALW, San Francisco, CA + Bluegrass Country
Mary Tilson: America’s Back 40 – KPFA, Berkeley + KFCF, Fresno, CA
Mark Tobler: The Folk Show – WTUL, New Orleans, LA
Greg Torrington: Stingray – syndicated
Trish the Dish: Orange Blossom Special – KBUT, Crested Butte, CO
Bob Troutman: Medicinal Americana, KFGM. Missoula, MT
Barb Trumpinski-Roberts: Womyn Making Waves, WEFT, Champaign, IL
Todd Tyson: Backroads Bluegrass and Beyond – WFVR, S.Royalton, VT
Kevin Vance: Across The Great Divide – KPFA, Berkeley, CA
Jan Vanderhorst: Just Us Folk – CKPC. Brantford, ON
Carolyn VandeWiele: Morning Mix – WFHB, Bloomington, INCarolyn VandeWiele: Womenspace, WFHB, Bloomington, I
Walter & Willa Volz: Bluegrass Breakdown – KDHX, St. Louis, MO
Tom Voorhees: Bluegrass Ramble – KBCS, Bellevue, WA
Bill Wagman: Saturday Morning Folk Show – KDVS, Davis, CA
****Rich Warren: The Midnight Special – WFMT, Chicago, IL
Matt Watroba: Folk With Matt Watroba – WKAR, East Lansing, MI
John Weingart: Music You Can’t Hear On the Radio – WPRB, Princeton, NJ
Bob Weiser: The Old Songs’ Home – WOMR, Provincetown, MA
Gentle Ben West: Weekend Sunrise – WMMT, Whitesburg, KY
Joe Wills: Burlington County Bluegrass – RCBC Radio, Pemberton, NJ
Jimmie Wilson: The Music Gallery – WRUW, Cleveland, OH
The WoodWarbler: WoodWarbler’s JazzGrass – WGDR, Plainfield, VT
*WNMC Folk Top 10
**KGLT – “Pockets Full Of Rain” #8 for October
***WHYR Top Ten Folk Albums – #1 (two weeks in October)

****CD Of the Week and one of “Rich’s Picks”

FOLK DJ CHARTS – September, October, November, December, 2018; January, 2019
Based on playlists from acoustic music DJs around the world
TOP ALBUMS OF THE MONTH: Horrible World (#4, #2, #4, #6, #15)
TOP ARTISTS OF THE MONTH: Kathy Kallick Band (#4, #1, #3, #7, #19)
TOP SONGS OF THE MONTH: “Ride Away,” “Pockets Full Of Rain,” and “(It’s A) Horrible World”
Thanks to all for your support – and spins!

Finally, thanks to Irene Young for recording Kathy’s 9-19-18 concert, “My Route To 66,” at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. Two of the new songs got their debut on that occasion.