Music for Children & Families

USE A NAPKIN (NOT YOUR MOM) (Sugar Hill Records, 1994)

(Sugar Hill 3833)

Use A Napkin

“Lively … humorous … thoughtful … historical … merry music. Recommended.” 

– USA Today

“The most exciting children’s recording I1ve heard in years, (with) stellar vocal and guitar work, gifted instrumentalists who understand the music, delightful, intelligent lyrics and mature musical content, and a refreshing, celebratory outlook on life.” 

– Acoustic Guitar

“A delightful package of toe-tapping, Appalachian-style tunes. Highest rating!” 

– Parents Magazine


Produced by Alan Senauke & Kathy Kallick
Kathy Kallick: lead vocals, guitar
John Reischman: mandolin, guitar
Kevin Wimmer: fiddle, accordian
Todd Phillips: acoustic bass
Sally Van Meter: resophonic guitars
Jody Stecher: mandolin, guitar, vocals
Kate Brislin: banjo, vocals
Sandy Rothman: banjo
Tony Marcus: guitar, vocals
Sylvia Herold: guitar, vocals
Piper Heisig: acoustic bass, vocals, “blue blowing”
Sue Draheim: fiddle
Kevin Carr: bagpipes
Ashley Daly, Michelle Eng-Surowiec, Jeremy Kallick, Adam Kotin, Sylvie Senauke, Joel Sidney, Miriam Sidney, Kyle Thomas, Jenny Waller, Charlotte Wing: kids’ vocals

• Use A Napkin (Not Your Mom) (Kathy Kallick)
• The Crawdad Song (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• Smelly Feet (Roy Forbes; add’l lyrics, Kathy Kallick)
• Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? (Buddy Johnson; add’l lyrics, Kathy Kallick)
• There’s A Hole In the Bucket (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• Bye Bye Kitty Zydeco (Kathy Kallick & Kevin Wimmer)
• My Family (Kathy Kallick)
• C-H-I-C-K-E-N (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight (David McEnery; Recitation lyrics: Kathy Kallick)
• Liza Jane (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• Little Starlet (Jenny Waller)
• Don’t Hurry Me (Kathy Kallick)
• A Boy and His Dog (Kathy Kallick)
• On My Way Back Home (Kathy Kallick)

WHAT DO YOU DREAM ABOUT? (Live Oak Records, 1991 – reissued in 1999)

What Do You Dream

“Great kids music, perfectly suited to small children who like to dance around the living room. Turn it on and you may find reason to dance too.” 

– Victory Review

“A recording of children’s songs that can be appreciated by adults as well. From the bluegrass waltz of the title track to the Caribbean beat and steel drums of ‘The Fox’ to the new folk feel of ‘Awesome Dude,’ the recording is educational as well as entertaining.”

– Small World

Produced by Alan Senauke & Kathy Kallick
Kathy Kallick: guitar, vocals
Beth Weil: bass, vocals
John Reischman: mandolin
Sally Van Meter: dobro, vocals
Kevin Wimmer: fiddle
Butch Waller: mandolin, vocals
Tom Miller: steel drums, congas
Paul Vanderwerf: violin
Sarah Kallick: cello
Barbara Mendelsohn: spoons
Clark DeLozier: human train whistle
Mike Cogan: recorded garbage truck ambience

• Animal Love (Kathy Kallick)
• Sweet Betsy From Pike (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• The Fox (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• Buffalo Gals  (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick; add’l lyrics, B. McCarthy)
• Hey Diddle Diddle/Three Little Monkeys (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• What Do You Dream About? (Kathy Kallick & Butch Waller)
• Garbage Man (Kathy Kallick)
• The Doggy Medley (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• Casey Jones (trad., arr., Kathy Kallick)
• My Awesome Dude (Kathy Kallick)
• The Baby Slips Out Of the Bed (Dodi Kallick & Jenny Waller)
• Rock Your Dolly (Kathy Kallick)