Kathy Kallick Band


(Live Oak Records, 2015)

1. Foxhounds (Kathy Kallick)
2. So Danged Lonesome (Kathy Kallick & Cary Black)
3. I’m Not Your Honey-Baby Now (Kathy Kallick)
4. I’ll Forgive You (from Mac Martin)
5. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
6. Snowflakes (Kathy Kallick)
7. Sally Ann (Allison Fisher)
8. Longest Day of the Year (Kathy Kallick)
9. Roscoe
10. Tear Stained Letter (Richard Thompson)
11. My Montana Home (Kathy Kallick)
12. Banjo Pickin’ Girl (Lily Mae Ledford)
13. Kentucky Mandolin (Bill Monroe)
14. In Texas (Kathy Kallick & Riley Thompson)

Kathy Kallick: guitar, vocals
Annie Staninec: fiddle, vocals
Cary Black: acoustic bass, vocals
Greg Booth: dobro, banjo, vocals
Tom Bekeny: mandolin, vocals


(Live Oak Records, 2012)

1. Time (Kathy Kallick)
2. Fare Thee Well (Kathy Kallick)
3. Thinkin’ Of Home (Vern Williams & Ray Park)
4. North Carolina Breakdown (Arthur Smith)
5. Lord Protect My Soul (Bill Monroe)
6. Lulu and Jack (Kathy Kallick)
7. Old Black Choo Choo (Maddox Brothers & Rose)
8. Shuckin’ the Acorns (Greg Booth)
9. Bird (Kathy Kallick)
10. Precious Memories
11. I’m Lonesome Without You (Delmore Brothers)
12. Old Red Mandolin (Tom Bekeny)
13. Dark Hollow
14. Long Time Travelin’ (Trad., arr. and additional lyrics Kathy Kallick)

Kathy Kallick: guitar, vocals
Annie Staninec: fiddle, clawhammer banjo, vocals
Dan Booth: acoustic bass, vocals
Greg Booth: dobro, banjo, vocals
Tom Bekeny: mandolin, vocals

“A superlative, picture-perfect West Coast bluegrass album. I’ve always been a fan of Kallick’s warm, pleasantly burred vocals, as well as her flawless sense of melody. When she sticks to a traditional sound — as she does on this excellent album — she’s plain old solid gold for a true twang fan. [The band is] playing their hearts out with sweet, melodic performances that get it right on song after song. Honestly, every note on this album is a shiny gem. There’s a sense of warmth and camaraderie on here that’s delightful, with an underlying humanity that’s sometimes missing on the the slick ‘grass albums of today. This is one of the most listenable and most satisfying truegrass albums in recent memory. Highly recommended!”

– Joe Sixpack, Slipcue

“This splendid collection of songs and tunes may well be her best. Kathy has always leaned heavily into traditional Monroe-style bluegrass while, at the same time, bringing something fresh and modern sounding to the genre. This CD demonstrates perfectly that balanced sensibility. There are a couple other factors that contribute to the success of this recording. One is that voice. Part country, part bluegrass, part something entirely her own. She simply has one of the most convincing and emotionally expressive voices in bluegrass music today. The other piece is to note her ability to assemble a kick ass band! She always had capable band mates to support the music but this particular version of ‘the band’ is the best to date. Each player is a master of his or her respective instruments. Folks, this is a top-notch band with a top-notch singer. If you love modern bluegrass steeped in tradition, you’re gonna love this one. I know I do.”

– Kevin Russell, Freight Train Boogie

“Kathy Kallick’s latest release, ‘Time,’ could have very well been titled ‘Timeless,’ as that describes the inherent appeal of the fourteen tracks selected for the recording. Her rendition of classics by Bill Monroe, The Delmore Brothers, Arthur Smith, and Vern and Ray contains a musical respect for the past that will please the most demanding traditionalist, yet each tune is embossed with a pleasing aural presentation that is totally contemporary. Although Kathy’s homage to the past is highly commendable, it’s actually her originals that push ‘Time’ into the ‘Timeless’ zone. Each of the songs penned by Kathy contain the seeds from which classics of the future are grown. ‘Time’ is pure ‘Kallick Magic’ and recommended for all discriminating music lovers.

– Wayne Bledsoe, Bluegrass Saturday Night – KMST (Rolla, MO)

“An endlessly pleasing collection that perfectly splits the difference between new and old. New Kathy Kallick songs like the exquisite title track fit beautifully alongside classics – and how great to see some vintage California content in the mix! Always solid and entertaining, Kathy and her colleagues have really outdone themselves this, er, time!”

– Jon Weisberger, Blue Side Of Town – Sirius XM

Between Hollow & High Rise

(Live Oak Records, 2010)

1. Where Is My Little Cabin Home (Kathy Kallick)
2. Whistle Stop Town (Kathy Kallick)
3. There’s A Higher Power (Louvin Brothers via Marshall Family; arr. & add’l lyrics, Kathy Kallick)
4. My House (Kathy Kallick)
5. Panhandle Rag (Leon McAuliffe)
6. Lonesome Night (Carter Stanley)
7. The Snow (Kathy Kallick)
8. New White House Blues
9. Girl Next Door (Kathy Kallick)
10. Come Walk With Me (Josh Graves via Wilma Lee Cooper and The Whites)
11. Monobrow (Greg Booth)
12. [Get Along Home] Cindy (traditional; arrangement and additional lyrics: Kathy Kallick)
13. Wildflowers (Kathy Kallick)
14. Winterlight Aire (Tom Bekeny)

Kathy Kallick: guitar, vocals
Tom Bekeny: mandolin, vocals
Dan Booth: acoustic bass, vocals
Greg Booth: dobro, banjo, vocals
Annie Staninec: fiddle, vocals

“Focused more than most bluegrass recordings on strong melodies, it attests eloquently to Kallick’s strengths as a vocalist, songwriter, and picker of others’ material. The covers are generally recognizable to those who’ve put in a lot of bluegrass listening, but they’re none of them exhausted and unwelcome. Besides, the band’s impeccably restrained picking and heart-catching harmonies are not there to be resisted. Kallick’s compositional skills are on glad display in six outstanding cuts, my personal favorite being ‘My House,’ a sort of secular treatment of the metaphor Stuart Hamblen employed in the gospel standard ‘This Old House.’ The overall effect is a sweet, California-flavored music that is neither too sweet nor too California.

– Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET

“A selection of material that should leave most any fan of traditional bluegrass yearning for more. The album features a great mix of well-written, heartfelt originals, arranged with some subtle twists and turns that are sure to please a mindful ear. The Kathy Kallick Band plays hard-drivin’ traditional bluegrass that harkens back to the dirt-floor rural up bringing of those who laid the music’s foundation long ago. And make no mistake they do a great job of it.”

– Travis Tackett, Bluegrass Journal

“Great stuff! A nice mix of Kathy Kallick songs, lesser-known bluegrass gems, and instrumentals/songs from her bandmates. Kallick is in fine voice throughout, more than ably assisted by her first-rate band. Special kudos to Greg Booth, whose reso playing is stellar, and Annie Staninec, who is brilliant on fiddle throughout. Six of the fourteen tracks are Kallick originals, and all are strong. A fabulous recording, one that will bring pleasure to anyone who enjoys good songs, and quality picking and singing.”

– John Lawless, Bluegrass Today (nee The Bluegrass Blog)

“Kathy Kallick is one of the best songwriters in bluegrass and acoustic music, always coming up with interesting, sometimes playful, always sure-handed songs [featuring] conversational yet evocative lyrics and solid bluegrass sensibilities. But this is primarily a band album, and the Kathy Kallick Band is a wonderful combination of youth and experience. It feels like they’re very comfortable playing together and with playing to the song. All are strong musicians and they create a distinctive band sound.”

– Chris Stuart, Sing Out!

Warmer Kind Of Blue

(Copper Creek Records, 2004)

1. Friend Of Mine (Kathy Kallick)
2. The Messenger (Kathy Kallick)
3. Hey, Hey, Hey (Kathy Kallick)
4. A Warmer Kind Of Blue (Kathy Kallick)
5. Late Last Night (Kathy Kallick)
6. Metropolis Blues (Tom Bekeny)
7. This Last Request (Jake Landers)
8. Burn Down The House (Kathy Kallick)
9. That’s How I Can Count On You (from Jimmy Martin)
10. Just One Time (Don Gibson)
11. A Dirty Riff (Avram Siegel)
12. Honky Tonk Blues (Hank Williams)
13. Still (Kathy Kallick)
14. God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign (trad., arr. and add’l lyrics, Kathy Kallick)
15. In The Middle Of My Town (Kathy Kallick)

Kathy Kallick: guitar, vocals
Tom Bekeny: mandolin, vocals
Avram Siegel: banjo, guitar, vocals
Amy Stenberg: acoustic bass, vocals
Brian Wicklund: fiddle, vocals

“The Kathy Kallick Band’s ‘A Warmer Kind of Blue’ will probably be filed in the bluegrass section at the local record mart, but the album is too expansive and creative to be seen as just another bluegrass album. Sure, “That’s How I Can Count On You” will probably remind listeners of a number of other bluegrass songs featuring a female lead. But even here, at the album’s most typical moment, Kallick never sounds as though she’s trying to position herself as another Alison Krauss or Rhonda Vincent. Instead, her vocal style could be described as natural. Kallick adds lots of soul to a song like ‘God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign’ without feeling that she needs to add more ‘country’ to her voice than it already has. The band plays in a similar down-to-earth style, backing Kallick’s lead with a rich acoustic mesh and lovely harmony. The songs, from Hank Williams’ ‘Honky Tonk Blues’ to fresh originals like the sparkling title cut, are first-rate, making ‘A Warmer Kind of Blue’ an artistic success from start to finish.”

– Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., AllMusic

“There is nothing to fault on this CD. The song selection is great, the band is cooking when needed and laid back when the song requires it. I don’t believe Kathy has ever issued a bad cd, and the band is just as good in concert.”

– John A. Gregorio, Amazon Vine Voice

Walkin In My Shoes

(Live Oak Records, 1999)

1. Walkin’ In My Shoes (Kathy Kallick)
2. I Won’t Do It Again (Kathy Kallick)
3. Rocky Road Blues (Bill Monroe)
4. Don’t Mind Me (Kathy Kallick)
5. Tomorrow’s Breakdown (Avram Siegel)
6. I’d Jump the Mississippi (George Jones & Melba Montgomery)
7. Dark Moon
8. When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
9. Who’s Goin’ Down To Town (From Vern Williams. Trad., arr. & add’l lyrics, Kathy Kallick)
10. Neon Chief/Fire In the East (Tom Bekeny)
11. Moods Of A Fool (Bill Grant & Delia Bell)
12. Wings (Kathy Kallick)
13. After All (Kathy Kallick)

Kathy Kallick: guitar, vocals
Tom Bekeny: mandolin, fiddle, vocals
Avram Siegel: banjo, guitar, vocals
Amy Stenberg: acoustic bass, vocals
with: Jim Nunally (guitar), Darol Anger (fiddle), Ed Neff (fiddle)

“A marvelous Kellogg’s Variety Pack of musical styles and emotions. You prefer Bill Monroe’s High Lonesome Sound? Or the jazzier end? How about an old country or swing piece from maybe 30-40 years ago? They’re all here and they’re good! You want originals? This lady writes lyrics and music that will have you chuckling one minute, shedding tears the next, and shuddering in sheer wonder at where her mind is at still the next. The Kathy Kallick Band is one of those wonderful, rare breeds whose tastes and talents range from the traditional bluegrass and gospel all the way to country, swing, and progressive. And though you can be downright dogmatic in your own musical preferences, you’re amazed to find each selection a true gem. You’re left breathless, heart-pounding, champing at the bit for their next recording or live performance. You don’t listen to them; you experience them. This band is instrumentally and vocally one of the cleanest and tightest, not to mention most innovative bands anywhere. Their musicianship is flawless and creative. They can blow you away one moment with a hard-driving solo, then pull the same thing on you again with a simple, well placed turn-around or tacit. Their lead and harmony vocals: breath-taking. Musically and more, it just doesn’t get any better than this.”

– Joe Zeke Falletta, Tricopolis