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“They still play the tried-and-tested mixture of hot bluegrass and cool originals, and latter category provides the album’s opening trio of standout cuts, in my book all virtually guaranteed instant-classic status. [But] every single cut exhibits that characteristic sense of sparkling yet relaxed drive and entirely confident instrumental chops, with splendid, almost incidental, vocal harmonies from every member of the band – you can sure tell they’re in tune with each other in every sense.” – David Kidman, Fatea


“Kathy Kallick is always a bit of an adventurer and you can never be sure what her next recorded outing might bring. When she has the band with her, you are assured high-quality, literate and respectful bluegrass music: they never take their audience for granted, never rest on their laurels. Such is the case with Foxhounds, an exciting exploration of the range and depth of the bluegrass tradition. The album’s greatest strengths lay within Kallick’s new songs; the band is top-notch throughout, and all members are featured in a variety of ways including vocally.”  – Donald Teplyske, Fevor Coulee (Favourite Roots Albums of 2015)


“Bluegrass doesn’t get more solid than the music on this, Kathy Kallick’s 20th album. Kallick herself is an institution in bluegrass, not only through her work with this band but as a founding member of the Good Ol’ Persons, plus her solo work and duets with many of her contemporaries. There’s nothing on this album but 14 tracks of rock-solid acoustic country music, from old-time to bluegrass to contemporary folk to some tasty covers. Foxhounds further cements her legacy as one of the greats, plus it’s a lot of fun to listen to.” – Gary Whitehouse, Green Man Review


“Kathy’s original songs exhibit her unique compositional approach to bluegrass, her distinctive, evocative lyric style; in singing them, she charges them with her unique vocal style, an amalgam of her life’s experience and her love of the tradition of the bluegrass form; in plainer words, she never sounds artsy or out of place fronting a band chock full of hot players and singers. What about “Foxhounds,” the title tune? Well, in her notes on the song, Kathy says she had the opportunity once in the early ’80s to sit on the porch with Big Mon himself and listen to his foxhounds run. One can imagine him listening to Kathy’s song and exclaiming, ‘Yessir, them hounds cryin’, soundin’ off – it’s in my music … and it’s right in that song there, too.'”
– Randy Pitts, Randog’s Daily Pick