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The new release from the Kathy Kallick Band lives up to the high standard set by their previous efforts. The entire band is responsible for the flawless harmonies and the intricate picking that is the hallmark of this ensemble. 

John McLaughlin, Roots & Wings - WMUC (College Park, MD)

The Kathy Kallick Band’s newest release Time showcases a group of stellar artists whose music just seems to get better and better with each new batch of recordings. She and her band are West Coast treasures. If you’ve never heard them before, Time is a great place to start.

Frank P. Hoppe, Bluegrass, Etc. - KCSN (Northridge, CA) 

I first started paying attention to Kathy because of her wonderful voice. Then, of course, I also found out she writes fine songs. One of the other things I love about Kathy is the variety of music she does — and her new CD, Time, is an example of all the great things she always offers.

Mike Flynn, The Folk Sampler

Kathy is not only a legend in west coast bluegrass circles, she continues to perform at an extremely high level as her latest CD Time proves. Whenever I need a really good song for my radio show, a strong female lead vocal performance and some top notch picking, this album delivers.

Wayne Rice, Bluegrass Special - KSON (San Diego, CA)

On my show today I played a song from the Kathy Kallick Band’s new release Time. What an ejoyable album this is to play. This is down-homey, old-timey bluegrass as it should be played: for fun!

Menachem Vinegrad, Worldwaves - Radio Upper Galilee (Israel)

Listening to the Kathy Kallick Band’s new album is a welcome and refreshing reminder good new bluegrass is not just a thing of the past.

John Weingart, Music You Can't Hear On the Radio - WPRB (Princeton, NJ)

Having followed Kathy’s career for nearly 40 years, I am amazed at how she continues to amaze me! The Kathy Kallick Band’s latest release, Time, is one of the finest bluegrass albums of the year. It features Kathy’s remarkable songwriting and vocals as well as showcasing some of the most outstanding players on the planet. Truly a work by extremely talented musicians who know what they love, know how to play it, and present it in a package that will appeal to all. An extremely well-balanced album that I’ll be enjoying for years to come!

Ray Edlund, Pig in a Pen - KPFA (Berkeley, CA)

As one of the originators of the West Coast bluegrass sound, it’s no surprise that Kallick’s Time has that style clicking right down to the second. It’s a beautiful package, well thought out and expertly delivered by someone whose commitment and love of bluegrass is abundantly apparent. As a listening experience, it’s too hard to resist saying one Time will hardly be enough!

Jeff Parker, Forward Roll Bluegrass Show

This latest Kathy Kallick Band recording is darn-near perfect, and it allows each member of the band to shine, both vocally and instrumentally. The fourteen selections include some wonderful original songs written by Kathy, lively instrumentals, a standard or two, and a couple of mighty fine gospel tunes thrown in for good measure.  What more could you need?  The only thing missing is the album’s subtitle, which should be “Well Spent.”  Enjoy!

Amy Orlomoski - Bluegrass Cafe, WHUS (Storrs, CT)

With Time, the Kathy Kallick Band has surpassed their own high standards. Kathy and the group provide a range of musical experiences from the hilarious to thoughtful to sacred. She is grounded in bluegrass but has her own delightful distinctive style. Great picking too!

Arthur Berman, Pacific Pickin' - CiTR (Vancouver, BC)