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KATHY KALLICK: Cut To The Chase (Live Oak Records)

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Between the Hollow & the High-Rise (Live Oak Records)

“Between the Hollow & the High-Rise” must rank among the finest of [Kallick’s albums]. Focused more than most bluegrass recordings on strong melodies, it attests eloquently to Kallick’s strengths as a vocalist, songwriter, and picker of others’ material. The covers are generally recognizable to those who’ve put in a lot of bluegrass listening — for example, Josh Graves’ wistfully romantic “Come Walk with Me,” the Louvin Brothers’ energetic gospel “There’s a Higher Power,” the playful folk song “Cindy” (curiously, rarer in the bluegrass repertoire than one might suppose) — but they’re none of them exhausted and unwelcome. Besides, the band’s impeccably restrained picking and heart-catching harmonies are not there to be resisted. Kallick’s compositional skills are on glad display in six outstanding cuts, my personal favorite being “My House,” a sort of secular treatment of the metaphor Stuart Hamblen employed in the gospel standard “This Old House.” The overall effect is a sweet, California-flavored music that is neither too sweet nor too California.

Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET (Nov. 6/10) 

Kathy Kallick is one of the best songwriters in bluegrass and acoustic music, always coming up with interesting, sometimes playful, always sure-handed songs [featuring] conversational yet evocative lyrics and solid bluegrass sensibilities. But this is primarily a band album, and the Kathy Kallick Band is a wonderful combination of youth and experience. It feels like they¹re very comfortable playing together and with playing to the song. All are strong musicians and they create a distinctive band sound.  

Chris Stuart, Sing Out!


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